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Town In California Rewards Kindness All Year Round

As the pessimist will always say, no good deed goes unpunished. But people see things differently in Concord, California, where being a do-gooder brings dividends.

The city council is asking residents to nominate anyone who performs a random act of kindness — be it holding a door for a stranger in a wheelchair, helping a stranded motorist or any other spontaneous, unselfish action.

The reward isn’t cash, it’s public recognition — a letter of recommendation from the council.

“This is an opportunity for us to focus on the positive things that happen in the community,” says Laura Hoffmeister, mayor of the San Francisco suburb.

“No offense,” she told CNN, “but a lot of times the press seems to dwell on the negative. This is a way for us to recognize those individuals that contribute to our community.”

While some cities honor do-gooders during Random Acts of Kindness week in November, the mayor believes Concord’s approach is unique. “This would be an ongoing program, happening throughout the year as those acts of kindness come to our attention,” says Hoffmeister.

Kena Leek, a spokeswoman for the Denver-based Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, says no other city has enacted such a program year-round. “It’s wonderful what Concord is doing,” she told the Contra Costa Times, a local newspaper. “It keeps kindness out in the eye of the public the whole year.”

Why Christian Poetry Online Offers Inspiration and Hope

You will see Christian poetry in numerous diverse areas, from local community centers to places of worship. Now and again you can possibly locate it in newspapers and in non-fiction writings. Christian poetry may be heartening to individuals who’re in ailing health, individuals who’re in a disheartened condition or going through life problems, and those who have lost a loved one. This kind of heartening poetry is ideal for expressing a motivating personal message for somebody that needs to listen to some supporting thoughts.

Christian poetry may well speak to you and inspire you at an emotional point, unlike every other style of poetry. Whenever an inspirational poem is crafted well, it displays a feeling of walking in the readers shoes and compassion, as though the writer has switched spots with the audience. For many people who are emotionally down due to a life change, heartening poetry stresses that they are not alone and are loved.

A poet with inspirational words as a rule has personal real-world experiences, or maybe the knowledge of friends, to pour into text on a page. A walk through life is filled with occasions of problems during which we find ourselves in an emotional, physical or family difficulty. These would be the moments when a poem might speak directly to an aching heart and help produce growth, reflection and healing. Poetry isn’t for all, however if a powerful idea is found within the appealing words crafted on a page, the writer’s idea has been accomplished.

Online Christian Poetry

Online Christian Poetry

Christian poetry online makes obtaining and reading inspirational poetry easy. The Write Hart is a site focused on the personal writings of J. I. Hart. Mr. Hart’s writing is based on his convictions as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. J. I. Hart’s first book of poems, titled Before Death Arrives, will make you laugh, cry, cringe and smile. The poems and writings of Mr. Hart are made available for download from his site at www.thewritehart.com.

The list of folks who compose Christian poetry is very significant, however every one of them features a different manner of showing consideration within their writings. Each poet has something to say influenced by their own individual thoughts that few other people can easily communicate in words and phrases. These authors have received much of their creativity by way of daily life and, through the power of poetry, they’re able to minister to others. If you are confronting various trials in your life, look into reading some heartening and Christian poetry.

Buy Fans On Facebook To Increase Website Sales

Facebook has become a site that has totally altered and reshaped the foundation and setting of social networking and Internet usage as it is known to us today. By way of this innovative transformation, we have seen a growing number of businesses that have used Facebook for marketing uses as well as a solid foundation of providing greater consumer bases as well.

Nowadays, many businesses of all kinds demand to have Facebook fan pages, where customers or potential prospects can connect with them and turn into an integral part of their network. Effective marketing and advertising can take place on Facebook when one makes a public profile page — a unique and captivating one that must include information about the business and the variations and types of products and services that are being marketed. People need to be attracted to the fan page and when acquiring a huge number of friends or fans, the quantity of likes raises as well. Hence a form of buzz lingers on the page. If a business profile page carries a large number of likes it’s likely it may be favored by Facebook itself. The profile pages that have the greatest amount of friends and likes are often recognized as being the most legitimate, successful and trustworthy from several points of view. How to increase likes on Facebook is of course of concern to all business owners interested in social marketing.

Get Facebook Likes at Cheeky Fans

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When the profile page has the ability to attract more publicity via Facebook, the website itself will frequently attract more hits and the visitors will rise. The more a site has traffic and is discovered by consumers, the greater the sales numbers can be, helping to make all round for an incredibly prevalent sales concept across the Internet. A business that is able to buy fans on Facebook is also increasing its popularity, viability and validity as a business.

Get More Facebook Likes

Get More Facebook Likes

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